Halloween Pinspiration

Okay so this wasn't exactly inspired by a Pinterest post... I found the original here on our 31 Days of Fright link up!!

...I think...

Truth be told now that I said that I can't seem to find the original anywhere. :(

If this was your idea and I stole it please give yourself credit in the comments below.  It was such a great idea I had to do my own version but wanted to give "you" full credit.  I'm just glad it wasn't a massive Pintrosity.

Anyway all that aside here was what I did tonight.

Candlestick, moss, crow and mini skulls

create moss bird nests
arrange on surfaces
fill with heads and a crow
now display proudly!

What have been some of your favorite pinspirations?


  1. haha, love the nest and the skulls!

    1. Thanks. I love it too. One of the decorations I don't want to take down.


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