Severed Finger Necklace

So my family is macabre to say the least...for example, my aunt turned 50 this year (well technically she turns 50 this upcoming Sunday) and one of the gifts she asked for was a toe necklace like Johnny Depp had in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies...the one where he's captured by cannibals.

Anyway...that's what she wanted for her birthday and as the best niece in the whole world I did what I could to get her what she wanted. 

I entered every combination of words imaginable on Google... "toe necklace", "johnny depp toe necklace"... I even started to look for toes that I could make into my own necklace "toy severed toes", "halloween toe props".... NOTHING!

So I started scouting out Halloween decorations and stores. I found toy fingers and ears, wind-up noses and ears (ears are apparently popular) but NO TOES!

Come on people! Where are the toes!!

Finally, this last weekend I found rubber severed fingers - bloody with parts of the bones exposed. It'd have to do. So I went to work creating a finger necklace for my aunt.

Because after all, nothing says "Happy 50th Birthday" like a necklace of fingers.
Here's my little DIY

sew a thread through the finger
lace them all up on a black cord

I had my mother deliver it to her today at work. She loved it and said she's going to wear it to work on Wednesday!

Hooray! A success.

Best. Niece. Ever.


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