3 Fav Blogs (15 Day Challenge)

Day 13 of 15: Getting to Know the Blogger - "3 blogs you visit and read enthusiastically"

Oh gosh... so first I am an awful blog follower. I get so wrapped up in life I have a hard time writing let alone reading blogs. :( 

However when I do get a chance there are four (I know it said "3" but I'm a rule breaker) that I just can't get enough of:

Because I'm such a fan of Pinterest and have a few DIY blunders of my own there is no doubt I'm in love with Pintrosity. And not just because it's hilarious to see all the mistakes and disasters others have made with Pinterest, but they take it the next step and try to help figure out what went wrong - not just laugh at another's misfortune.

And then there is one I found through a a Blog Hop (I think) and that's Chocolate, Chocolate and More (can you guess what I love about this site?). I don't think I've made anything yet that Joan has blogged but I share her links on Facebook all the time. They just looks so amazing and yummy I can't help but drool. 

The next two are very funny ladies who, when I can't get to their sites on a regular basis, I (will) spend HOURS catching up and reading their posts - even ones I've read before. 

The first is Holly over at Not a Perfect Mom's Blog. She's the mom of four adorable children and blogs about the chaos joys of being a mom; like the time she woke up to her son sniffing her armpit, or her daughter peeing in a water bottle..... As well as her life being a woman and wife. Did you know the day after Valentine's Day is National* Steak and Blowjob day for any husbands/boyfriends that do a good job the day before? (*not really but it should be) or her adventures in waxing Veronica (her vagina). You have to go check her out. 

The last is a nationally recognized blogger turned author (and yes, her book is on my Christmas wishlist) - The Bloggess! I don't even know where to begin with this blog or this woman. She's inspirational and empowering with the way she is open with her own battle of depression. She's hilarious in the conversations she let's you be a fly on the wall for (the last one included God in a three-way). She's brilliant with her comebacks and her love of giant roosters and taxidermy woodland creature (you just have to go read her to understand).

There you are. My favs.


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