Furries Furries Everywhere!!

This morning, as I'm on the bus heading into work, I noticed a young man (mid-20s perhaps) sitting a few seats away wearing a hat that looked something like this

And all I wanted to do was rip it off his head and throw it out the window.

Okay... yes, I realize this is an extreme reaction to a hat, but it's an emotion that has (how can I best describe it) gone from a twitch to a full on spasm whenever I see an grown person wearing this newest fashion faux-pa fad.

For those that don't know the unofficial Portland motto is "Keep Portland Weird". We're a town of Voodoo Doughnuts, Vacuum museum, annual Naked Bike Ride, and places like Rimsky-Korsakoffee House.

But apparently this isn't a "Portland" thing. I figured I'd find out before I continued this blog. So I posted to my Facebook, "Are furry animal hats on adults a Portland thing or is this phenomena in other cities?" I had a number of people respond, and the general answer seems to be that this is elsewhere.

From Northern California, "They are everywhere here in Norcal as well. The Panda is quite popular at Giant's games (one of their players has this nickname I believe)" ...

Southern California, "It's a very weird craze. My nephew is 21 and my niece us 18. My niece makes full on costumes to wears and goes out in public like that."

Friends in Chicago, DC and Seattle all mentioned seeing them in their areas as well, so I think it's safe to say it's not a "Portland thing"

Okay so I get kids and these hats. I mean children and furry woodland creatures have a lot in common. They're both cute and squishy, you have an urge to pick them up and squeeze them even know you are pretty sure they can rip your throat out with those sharp nails of theirs. 

And so when you combine these two bundles of cuteness of course you're going to get something most people "Awww" at and conjure images of Max and Where the Wild Things Are (the movie of which I blame partly for this fad). 

What I want to know, is with all these consumers obsessively purchasing bears, pandas and wolf hats are....do they even know what furry fandom is and the population of them who associate these anthropomorphic animal characters to sexual pleasure? 

You heard me Furries = Sexual fantasies and fetishes. Now I'm all for sexual freedom and will fight to uphold your freedom for your sexual expression...but this doesn't mean that I have to understand your choices. As with all fetishism it's one that is often misunderstood, "otherized" and misconstrued in pop culture like CSI (for more on this with furries check out this youtube video here).

And I can't help but think of this world when I see someone on the bus or in the store wearing one of these hats (and don't get me started with the ones like above that you put your hands into!)

Back to my point though. I can't help but wonder if perhaps this is where this fad came from, or at least was inspired by. I can see someone walking down the street in Hollywood wearing their fur and some designer thinking "That's a great idea!"

Now we have a country with grown adults wearing children's costumes (and yes, I have seen grown adults trying to shove their big heads into child size hats) and misunderstanding/misrepresenting an alternative lifestyle/culture that they know nothing about

Whether these faux-fur faux-pas have anything to do with the "Furry" subculture or not I still can't wrap my head around it and ask why?!


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