My Family (15 Day Blogger)

Day 8 of 15: Get to Know the Blogger - "Tell us a bit about your family"

Holy smokes where do I begin? Okay how about some numbers first?

1 single mom.
2 sisters but only one biological.
2 uncles.
4 aunts.
4 grandparents + 1 great grandparent (all gone).
2 nephews + 2 nieces (non given birth by my sisters).
19 cousins (not including their spouses).
30 cousins if you count spouses (because some have been in the family longer than I have).
18 2nd cousins + 3 3rd cousins.

Me, Baby Sister and Mom
My mother's side of the family is German, English, Welsh, Scottish, Polish and a few other little things here and there.

The adults are my great-grandparents Elmer and Marie and the children are my mother and my uncle Ron.
This is also the 100% German great-grandmother who lived to be 98 years old and has been quoted to say,
"My mouth is so dry I couldn't spit if my pussy was on fire!"
My father's side of the family is Italian. All four of my great-grandparents came to America on the same boat from the same small mid-eastern Italian village. I'm third generation born but don't speak/understand Italian sadly.

Great-great grandparents
Great-grandparents. This grandmother lived with my
father's family as they was growing up.
My grandfather (boy on right of center) and his family.
My grandparents (Chic & Angie) are on the far right.
This is a picture of them and their best friends on my grandparent's
wedding day.
Now just for some fun pictures to show off some of my wacky loveable family members. 

Mom and sisters at sister's wedding
I'm on the left. Niece on the right.
Do you see a family similarity?
Grandfather Jack, Grandmother Kathy, Uncle Ron
My mom and her little sister Diane.
Sister Celene and her boyfriend Nick
Cousin Raven eating the head of a lobster.


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