Not Worth It

I've pretty much been an avid shaver ever since I started in my early teens. And being 1/2 Italian means shaving on a regular basis. I'll also totally admit that I'm all for the natural look if that's your thing, I however (on myself) can't stand stubble let alone full growth. 

However (true confession time) there are times, when I just don't care and will go a week without shaving...but then the weekend comes around and I do it all again. I've tried Nair but had an allergic reaction to something in it and broke out in a rash so back to the razor I went. 

I finally decided to try waxing. I go in and have my brows done on occasion and figured why not try legs? But of course being the chicken...penny-pincher...coward...DIYer that I am I bought a home waxing kit. 

I polled folks on facebook to see what percentage shaved vs. professional wax vs home wax vs "other" and almost everyone said "shave" ... shoot! Means I'm going at this alone. 

The one about shaving once a month was my mother. Haha

(*Warning - pictures of hairy legs coming)

So the first thing with waxing is your hair has to be between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch get my hair that long meant not shaving for over a week. Luckily it's cold and wet and definitely not shorts/skirts weather in Portland right now. 

I was amazed at how little it hurt. I mean it was super quick and more just a pain in the butt than anything else. Twisting my legs around to get the back....propping my leg up on the counter to get it all....and I still missed some.

Would I wax again? Probably. Depending on how long this lasts. But I'll probably go to a professional...I'd much rather pay to just lay there.

At least for now my legs are silky smooth and ready for my party dress!


  1. All the at home waxing kits I tried don't work well for me. I've never tried the one you used though. If I try it out I'll let you know how it goes.


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