The Grotto

I'm not Catholic - nor is my family. My mother was raised Episcopalian, and I was baptized such when I was a baby, but found Wicca as a young adult and that's how she raised us girls. However, Christianity still played a part in my life growing up because of my Grandmother (mom's mom). 

She would tell us the Nativity Story every Christmas; retelling how Gabriel came to Mary about her cousin Elizabeth, how the shepherds rejoiced with the sight of the star over Bethlehem. I can never really remember more than that. I remember the important pieces though. Sitting around a table with my cousin, little sister and Grandmother lighting candles and glowing with the love she had for her faith. 

Now, years after she passed, there are times and places that remind us of her - even if she never got to see it herself. The Grotto: The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother is one of those places. It's "A Place of Solitude, Peace and Prayer" that is watched over by volunteers and administered by the Order of the Friars Servants of Mary. So for my aunt's 50th birthday yesterday (she is the baby) we took her to the Grotto, a place we knew we'd all reconnect with Grandma even though she wasn't there. 


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