Top 5 Posts (15 Day Challenge)

Day 12 of 15: Getting to Know the Blogger - "Your Top 5 posts and why you think they were successful."

Top 5 Most visited posts:

1. Fashion Friday: Fashion's Invisible Women
2. Plus Size? Or Normal Size?
3. Valentine's Day
4. Noise Pollution
5. Getting to Know You

As for why these were the most visited - probably because of labels really... you just never really know what is going to be a hot ticket post sometimes. So I thought I'd balance this out with:

Top 5 Most commented on posts:

1. I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop
2. Gearhart, OR
3. Bridezilla: The Next Generation
4. Funny Face (Amusing August Blog Hop)
5. Versatile Blogger Award Pt2

Looking at these most include pictures and highlighting other bloggers - which is something I know I look for in other blogs. :)


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