Why Blogging (15 Day Challenge)

Day 10 of 15: Getting to Know the Blogger - 

"Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?"

I first started blogging back in 2010; just after my 27th birthday. I had a few other friends who blogged and was looking for a creative outlet for everything that was happening in my life. 

I never have really felt like I "fit in" with others my age and as my 20s were quickly whizzing by I started wondering if I was an "average" 20something. Then a few months after that I started a food blog with recipes, food articles, restaurant reviews etc. (Epicurean Enthusiast).

As I approached my 30s sooner and sooner "Surviving 20Something" was redesigned, edited and morphed through a few phases before Ms. Morgan's Reality Check was born. 

Ms. Morgan's Reality Check is just my life as a (soon-to-be) 30something year old woman, finding love long distance, being a cog in the Higher Education world, and loving fashion and food at the same time. 


  1. Ms. Morgan's Reality Check is one of my favorite blogs to visit. Whatever the reason you are here....I'm thankful for it. xo

    1. Thanks honey! :) Your blog has saved me time and time again. Thank YOU for your informative and useful blog. :)


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