World's Your Oyster

In this month's edition of Cooking Light there was a list of "53 foods and flavors from the global supermarket that every adventurous healthy cook should track down".  I consider myself a pretty open foodie and was disappointed when the first page contained either foods/flavors I've never even heard of or haven't had the opportunity to try... luckily I redeemed myself with the second half. 

Exotic Finds:

  1. *Black garlic "sweet sticky mellowed allium"
  2. Asafoetida "jarringly sticky resin makes curries sublime" (Now I love curries so I'm guessing I may have had this in some/many of them I just don't know)
  3. *Fresh supermarket ramen "now starring in Asian stores"
  4. Achiote paste "for red-hued Yucatan spice-rubs"
  5. *Jarred wild albacore tuna "like the euro kind, but sustainable
  6. *Fermented tofu "because there has to be one food that only a daredevil will eat"
  7. Nduja "zingy Calabrian salami paste"
  8. *Pomegranate molasses "tart-sweet Mid-East staple"
  9. **Curry leaves "lovely toasty, fragrant curry component"
  10. Broken rice "SE Asian street food texture"
  11. Farofa "toasted manioc flour, kind of like bread crumbs"
  12. **Quail eggs "petite sized, feel fancy"
  13. *Iberico Ham "the Lamborgini of Spanish ham"
  14. Cherimoya "creamy pineapple-banana-coconut-flavored fruit"
  15. *White anchovies "vinegar marinated tapa"
  16. *Buddha's Hand "best, most fragrant lemon zest"
Rising Stars:

  1. *Fresh fava beans "your classier lima bean"
  2. Peppadew peppers "like candied, still crisp red bell peppers"
  3. **Fresh chinese egg noodles "slurpy chewy easy"
  4. ***Frozen indian breads "because we all need more naan" (except I don't use frozen, my supermarket carries fresh)
  5. Marcona almonds "the Maserati of almonds"
  6. **Mexican crema "south of the border ceme freiche"
  7. Farro "wheatberry like whole grain with Etruscan cred"
  8. **Smoked paprika "no fat bacony flavor agent"
  9. ABC sauce "Indonesian soy syrup, instant sweet glaze"
  10. Castelvetrano olives "the Marcona of olives"
  11. ***Mexican chorizo "crumbly raw, fatty, superspized sausage" (Chorizo y garbanzo, Shrimp and Chorizo tapas, breakfast burritos with chorizo...mmmm. Love it all)
  12. *Bulgar "the couscous of whole grains"
  13. * Pecan, Avacado and Pistachio oils "big flavor, healthy fats"
  14. **Jerk Rubs "because allspice is an under appreciated flavor"
  15. Dark palm sugar "like a kick butt maple sugar"
  16. **Tamarind "supertangy fruit paste"
  17. **Fish Sauce "pungent salty umami"
  18. **Soba "fast cooking noodles strong grainy taste"
  19. **Lime leaves "aromatic thai essential
New Staples:
  1. ***Hummus "versatile nutty spread" (tried it? heck I've made it!)
  2. **Italian rustic dried pasta "try a new shape every week"
  3. **Chipotle peppers "take no prisoners, smokiness with fire"
  4. ***Lower sodium soy sauce "nicer more nuanced flavor"
  5. **Coconut milk "heavy cream from a trea"
  6. ***Siracha "ketchup with cajones" (I always have a bottle in my fridge)
  7. Sherry vinegar "the best beats of all other vinegars"
  8. ***Fresh corn tortillas "like masa from heaven" (again not only do I use these often I sometimes make my own!)
  9. **Thai curry paste "instant complexity in rub or sauce"
  10. **Greek yogurt "because yogurt should always have been this tangy"
  11. **Basmati rice "fragrant, cooks up nonsticky"
  12. Indian simmering sauces "add frozen veggie instant curry"
  13. **Shelled frozen edamame "fava pleasures much cheaper" (freezing them was the best invention ever)
  14. **Quinoa "whole grains, very quickly"
  15. ***Firm tofu "sautes up something nice" (only kind of tofu I use in eggrolls)
  16. *Spanish chorizo "firm cured sausage, smoky, tangy"
  17. **Sea salt "hand sprinkled for fun crunch"
  18. Sambal "instant vibrant chile heat"

*How many have you heard of?
**How many have you tried?
***Do you use any on a regular basis?


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