Birthday Plans

For those that have been following you know I've had some "mishaps" with my 30th birthday plans. For those that have missed the Vegas = Death situation you can catch up here.

Anyway, with the whole death thing came the "not knowing when I'd get my refund" game. And the fact that many of the people I had invited to come with weren't sure if they could actually come.  

*Enter pity-me music here*

So I pulled myself up (aka stopped pouting) and started making alternate plans and now I don't just have amazing birthDAY plans but I have plans for three weekends in a row to celebrate my turning the BIG 3-0!!

I figured what better excuse to cross off a restaurant from my Portland Bucket List than my birthday! So the weekend before my birthday I'm having dinner with friends and family here in Portland.We're going to a restaurant called Toro Bravo... Spanish food. Yum Yum. The same people own a place called Tasty n Sons, where I've gone for brunch in the past, so I'm excited to go to (as a coworker put it) the Mother Ship.

 Then during my birthday weekend I'll be flying down to my Mother Ship...Southern California that is. I'll be spending the weekend exploring Long Beach and Seal Beach, browsing craft fairs and indulging in delicious foods... all while accompanied by the pleasant company of a dear college friend, her husband and a possible special/secret guest (TBD).

And to wrap up my becoming a 30something I'm taking the train up to Seattle for the weekend (after my birthday) with my mother to see the Cirque du Soleil show Amaluna (75% female cast and loosely based on the Tempest). My mother doesn't think she's been to Seattle since she was a child so we're going to try and swing by Pike Place Market and the Seattle Art Museum

So despite my plans to spend my Dirty Thirty in Sin City being a bust. It looks like I'm going to have a blast and turning 30 in style!

*If you have suggestions for places in Long Beach or Seattle please feel free to share.


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