TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! (eShakti Review)

In December I was emailed by a representative from eShakti Clothing - a clothing site I've actually talked about before here. They were offering me a free item from the website in return for (this) review. 


Not only does eShakti have ADORABLE women's clothing but they carry sizes 0-36! AND if that wasn't enough for only $8 you can "customize" the piece. 

Want a longer skirt?
No problem, there's an option for that. 

Would rather have thick straps instead of a halter top? 
Sure thing, there's an option for that. 

They ask your size, as well as your height! I'm only 5'1" and things that are supposed to be "below the knee" are typically floor length on me! Not with eShakti though. Below the knee really was below the knee!!

Anyway. I got the email from "Jennifer" and jumped on it! I got my BFF on iMessenger so she and I could browse the website together. There were so many items to choose from. 

Finally we narrowed it down to a "work dress", a toga styled "dressy dress" and a blouse. After a while of debate and reconsidering I went with the toga dress:

I ordered the dress just before Yule (December 21st) and while it didn't arrive in time for me to take it to New Year's Eve (it arrived while I was out of town on December 31st) I still was able to wear it to my birthday dinner last night with the family. 

So thoughts on the product:

  • The side zipper is one of those tiny (flimsy) ones that really don't do much good and I never end up using it anyways. Luckily the dress is stretchy enough I was able to just pull it up and over my head. 
  • The dress itself is a strapless number, with the slightly sticky rubber support along the inside - which is great. However, the "toga" piece (over the shoulder) is attached under the armpit and that's it. So you shimmy in and then have to drape the toga over. Which is fine, except I felt like as I moved the "shawl" (?) piece would move and suddenly one boob would be hanging out. But to prevent this from happening I tacked the shawl in place (under armpit and breast line) so it wouldn't go anywhere. 
  • The other alteration I had to make was the gathered shoulder part. This was actually what I loved the most (outside of the color). But the strap was so wide I'd have to have shoulders like a linebacker. All I did was tuck the ends up underneath and sew into place - I think I reduced the size of the strap by half. But now it's perfect. 
In the end I love the dress and am happy I picked this piece. I also am looking at their website to purchase another item - especially since they have a 30% sale going (on the entire store). I would totally recommend going and checking them out! It was worth every tiny stitch!


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