Lets Talk Sex

Disclaimer: This is something that has been rattling around in my brain for a while. Something I've wanted to write about and just trying to figure the best way how. So this is my rambling, my ranting and my thinking out loud....for now. 

Warning: The following entry touches on politics and sexuality. Material and links may touch on a nerve, moral compass or tread on what you believe is "unspeakable". Please know my intention is not too start a fight but do know that I will be monitoring the comments and denying ones that are offensive or disrespectful of others.

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With the Presidential election over, the media has stopped highlighting and headlining the topic of Women's Reproductive Rights, no more op-eds ripping ignorant politicians about archaic views and media articles/statements about "frumpy" women in politics and attacking the Pro-Choice movement. Even the recent overturning of a California rape case, based on laws from the 1800s, got only an afternoon of news.

These comments... these laws... these "debates", that make my stomach turn in anger and disgust, isn't what this blog is about. 

Because in the end I believe it comes down to choice. We choose our political views....religious following...who we love and who we allow into our lives.We also choose (or at least I believe) what to do with our bodies.

How is it that through all these conversations of a reproduction, gender and choices we somehow tiptoe around the hub of the conversation:

True, we live in a world of soft core porn on HBO/Showtime, novels like 50 Shades of Grey and the common person becoming a celebrity through rag mags and bad choices...however, ask a friend if they have ever done (let alone enjoyed) BDSM? Anal? Role playing? Facials

They would look at you horrified, probably blush or tell you it's none of your damn business. 

It's okay to know these things about complete strangers, to blog about celebrities sex-capades, to Google Anne Hathaway's crotch shot, but we can't talk to those close to us about something as natural as sex.

There's the other side of the coin too. We not only can't/won't talk about sex with others but we also don't allow ourselves to "talk" about this with ourselves. Because something is considered "taboo" we close our ears and thoughts about trying something new. We turn away or deny enjoying something because others may think we're "sick"

When are we going to embrace sexuality?
When are we going to embrace our own sexuality?
When are we going to embrace others choices in their sexuality?

If we can't talk to one another - our friends, our partners - about sex and pleasure how are we supposed to talk about consent and safety?  

Things that were taboo once aren't any more, but despite what you think you "should" or "shouldn't" do, whether or not you think something is enjoyable or not... when will being open to talking health, safety and sexuality no longer be seen as taboo?


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