Liebster Award (Round 2)

So sometimes I feel like a bad blogger. I can't seem to be consistent. I have no real "theme". I'm a diligent follower but almost never comment. But then someone from the absys (in this case The Nomad Cooks) reaches out and makes me realize maybe I'm not such a bad blogger after all.

This last weekend I was nominated (for my 2nd time) for the Liebster Blogger Award. It's given to bloggers with under 200 followers but that those who do follow find something special about them. Awww (cue mushy music). ;)

Anyway here's how this works:

1. List 11 random facts about yourself (this is always the most challenging for me)
2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator posed for you on their blog & tag them in the post
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and comment on their blogs to let them know

So here we go!

11 Random Facts about Me:

1.  This is my 3rd blog (the other two have since either been "discontinued" or have morphed into this one)...the first was about being a 20something (morphed into this one) and the second was a food blog (that I just couldn't keep up with so I do that here now too).

2. I am currently co-chairing the 45th anniversary for my Alma mater. It's a "reunion" but for anyone who has ever graduated from the academic program I attended. So we're looking at a few thousand people. After all event planning for work isn't enough; I have to do it in my spare time too

3. I'm turning the big 30 on 2/2 and haven't been this excited for a birthday in a long time (if ever). I'm so ready to enter my 30s. Not that the 20s weren't good to me but as I've gotten older I'm more comfortable with who I am and what I want out of life. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

4. I have never traveled outside the continental United States. Even when living (born and raised) in San Diego I never traveled down to Mexico. Now that I'm in the PNW I think I want to head North and

5. My top dream travel spots, however, would be (1) Paris...there's just something about the architecture, food, culture and romance that draws me here. And (2) Thailand - I began studying Southeast Asia in college and am just drawn towards the beauty and tranquility that seems to linger here. I have known a few people to travel to Thailand (one who stayed) and I want to experience for myself the stories they bring back.

6. I have a strange obsession love for the Great Apes...chips, gorillas...but especially ORANGUTANS! Something about those gingers just makes me "ooh" and "aww". I can sit in front of their enclosure at the zoo for hours. Don't need to see any other animals really. I was saying I need to find an interactive habitat type place that I can sign up to see one up close (maybe for my 40th birthday).

7. I'm starting a 5 week film class soon. I haven't been "in school" in eight years and while this isn't for "credit" (I get a certificate) but it's a a nice way to step back into the "system" and try out online distant learning.

8. I am in no way a "sports" person but have been to a pro-basketball, minor league hockey, multiple pro-baseball and a colleague football bowl game....I much prefer going in person and becoming intoxicated by other's excitement (okay, yes the real beer doesn't hurt either).

9. For years I couldn't/wouldn't eat fish. My father worked on a fish farm for a brief while as I was growing up so we had fish for dinner multiple times a week. My mother says she learned to cook fish in so many ways. I just got tired of it. But then years later I was introduced to sushi and then slowly started trying new fish and different preparations. Now I love it and can't get enough at times. 

10.  I love Elvis - his music, his style, his sex appeal. If I had been alive at the time of his peak popularity I would have been one of those girls fainting and squealing at concerts. My grandmother was one of those women actually - we've said that the love of Elvis must skip a generation. Haha. When I went to Florida last year I made sure to take my picture in front of the Florida Theatre where his first indoor headline concert was held. 

11. I have a tattoo on my right ankle/calf of three stars. The green one for my mom, the blue on for my sister and the purple one for me. I want to expand it some and have smaller sparkles/stars put around them but for now I'm happy with my family cluster.

*Phew* That was longer than I expected. If you need to go take a bathroom break I'll You're good? Okay well I need a break so I think we'll break this into 2 parts.

Today: Announcement and 11 facts.
Tomorrow: 11 questions and nominations.


  1. So cool on the film class! Way to go! I bet you're going to have so much fun. And turning 30 seems like yesterday for me but I'm turning 39 on 2/20. It just gets better!
    Visiting from

    1. Thanks Erin. I've been told that it just gets better and that the 30s were some of the best years of friends lives. I can't wait. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Happy almost birthday! I turn 30 in 73 days. We're going to Mexico to celebrate, which is why I know the exact # of days - I've got a countdown widget keeping me motivated =)

    1. I have a countdown too. Although at this point it's a week from tomorrow and I don't really need the widget anymore. Haha. Happy (early) birthday to you and have a great time in Mexico!

  3. Congrats on your Liebster Award! :-)

    I wanted to invite you to join us for Friendship Friday at Create With Joy. I'd love to get to know you better & hear what your blogging goals are (our topic for the week!)

    Have a great weekend!

    Create With Joy

    1. Thanks you. I'll make sure to hop over tot he Friendship Friday later today. :)

  4. Congrats on your Liebster award!

    Would love for you to join us for Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! This weekend we're sharing our Blogging Goals!

    Create With Joy

  5. Thanks for participating! It is a rather time consuming award to win ;) I'm jealous of your film course. Thats so fun! I bet you'll meet some awesome people. Enjoy the final week of your twenties!

    1. Thank you again for the nomination! You actually just gave me an idea for a blog entry (Last Week in my 20s)'ll have to stop by next week and check it out. :)


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