Oh! How Pinteresting....

I love Pinterest. It really is the best and worst thing created for someone who loves fashion, food, word play and DIY ideas (despite never doing them). I love to spend cold rainy lunch breaks (like today) and browse - sharing with friends, getting inspired. And the fact that The Vintage Apple has "Oh, How Pinteresting" Wednesday link ups is great! 

One of my new year's resolutions was to be more crafty (more often at least to the "never" I'm doing now). So when starting to browse Pinterest I thought I'd focus on the DIY sections (although I do have a yummy in the tummy recipe tossed in there too). But for now here are some GREAT ideas I found...not that I'll ever do them but you never know who else I might inspired. Haha. 

First here's the Yummy in the Tummy (really that's what the board is called it's pinned on). I'm a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter (Reese's are one of my favorites) as is my cousin. So I sent this her way immediately. I may need to make this soon. 
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The next two I found are one's I probably won't ever do. The first is a way to organize your cords by coding them with decorate tape. Now while this is a great idea I don't really have so many devices and similar cords that I need to distinguish them. I do however, think this would be a great idea for anyone who has a household with multiples of the same device (phone/iPad/laptop/etc).

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The next isn't going to happen any time soon because I don't really have a back yard to speak of or wooden lawn furniture.... but again it's a great idea!! I have been to other's homes where I feel I don't have somewhere to put my wine class without risking breaking their good glassware (no really I've been in this situation)... so having "built-in" notches is super smart!

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Now this one is a keeper to remember (you know when the BF and I are actually able to do date nights in person and not thousands of miles apart....although he doesn't have a pick up but I'm sure we can do the same thing in his convertible. Haha. I love star gazing but I always get cold too quick. This is the perfect solution.

"Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive to the
middle of nowhere to go star gazing."
Alright my darlings. Time to get back to the real world and not the I-wish-I-had-time world. Happy Pinning!



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