Pinterest Wednesday

I'm home today on a sick day - my neck, head and back are still killing me from the accident I was in two weeks ago* - so what better to do than to join in on Pinterest Wednesday.

Recently I was approached be eShakti to review their products** and it was the hardest thing to do (to pick only one item). Dress after skirt after shirt after gorgeous. So I browsed their Pinterest account today..... *sigh* ..... big mistake. Now there are even more pieces I want.
This blue is phenomenal... and the combination between vintage
and military lines just make this jacket amazing. 
The neckline is wonderful but I think I'd need a bit more sleeves.
I might need to own this jacket. The details and collar are fabulous. So in love. 

This would be wonderful for work or a nice dinner out. I love the ruffles and collar. 
I love the red with black buttons. Fantastic for a day out in spring or summer
.... actually I have a cardigan that would go nice with it for autumn also. 

If you haven't checked them out before you really should. They have clothes from size 0-30 and you can customize the pieces (sleeves, length, collars, etc).

*I'll be blogging about this next. It's too amusing of a story to not share.
**I ended up picking out a gorgeous burgundy toga style dress. I plan on wearing it for my birthday; so you'll be able to see and read the review in a few weeks.



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