Shopping Cart Accident

As I mentioned in a posting earlier today, I'm home on a sick day trying to mend after an accident. Well.... it wasn't an automobile accident... it wasn't a work place accident.... I didn't slip and fall in the shower, slide on an icy sidewalk or fall down a flight of stairs... 

No, I lost a fight with a shopping cart. 

When I tell folks that I had a "shopping cart accident" they assume I mean shopping cart vs. shopping cart or that a shopping cart rolled away and hit my car.... no. No, it was an accident between my body and a shopping cart!!

The Saturday before New Years I was grocery shopping with my mother at WinCo. We had finished checking out and had a large cart full of groceries and I was standing near about six or seven feet from the Exit door, waiting for my mother to park her cart, when... 

A woman, with a full shopping cart of her own, slammed into my backside. For anyone who knows anything about physics the force of her cart didn't budge mine.... it didn't cause heat... it caused my body to be sandwiched and whiplash from my toes up through my head like jello. 

She pulled back and pulled her cart along side me. She didn't say a word, stood and stared at me. My mother is the one who asked if I was okay.... I told her no. Then the broad just walked out of the store!!!

In reality I know that she had four children with her, the story I created in my head was that she was yelling at one and not watching where I was going. But to not ask if I was okay, or to even apologize, what kind of person does that?!

So now I've been to the urgent care (and was given muscle relaxer), been to the chiropractor and most likely will go again next Monday where I'll also see a LMT and finally I think I may need to start seeing my acupuncturist more regularly for this matter. 

When I went to the chiropractor, this last Monday, and described what happened he sat stunned with a look of disbelief. He laughed and said that I certainly made his top list of odd injuries (and had just out did the woman who came in with a knitting injury). So he helped open my back up and gave me exercises, but in the end it is still 

Shopping Cart: 1          Morgan: 0


  1. Wow. That woman was RUDE. omg I would have lost it on her. I hope you feel better soon


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