It's Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday but then it's also What I'm Lovin' Wednesday (a weekly post I've seen on a number of other bloggers pages)...and with how much I'm Lovin' getting ready for this weekend. I thought I'd combine the two.

Despite having woken up with a sore throat and stiff neck this morning (*shakes fist at family who got her sick*) I'm determined to not only still go down to SoCal this weekend but also to have an amazing time....NO MATTER WHAT!

I figure I can die of the plague after February 17th (when I'm done traveling).

So back to things I love:

I love my family (no matter how frustrated they make me at times)
I love that I have such a supportive team at work
I love my honey
I love that Anthony Bourdain has a new show
I love that I get to spend my 30th birthday with a dear friend of mine
I love that I get to combine Saturday's adventures with today's OH HOW PINTERESTING!

I will admit I went a bit pin-crazy today. Looking at things and places we're going this Saturday to celebrate my birthday. So instead of a (what would be a very) loooooooooooong post with a dozen pictures of places and things we're doing Saturday in LA. I thought I'd give you this collage instead:

1. Hollywood & Vine
2. Warner Bros Studio
3. Pinks
4. Griffith Park Observatory
5. Foot/hand prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6. Hollywood Sign
7. Grauman's Chinese Theatre
8. Hollywood Squares


  1. my husband and i LOVE anthony bordain! How did i not know he has a new show!! xo annalizbeth


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