Box of Thanks

A while ago I came across of few of these "Thankfulness Jars" - the basic idea being to have a jar (or container of sorts) that you write things you are thankful for (or just happy things that have happened) as your year goes.
I loved this idea!
Every November I try to do my 30 days of Thanks so this was a fantastic idea. I've been falling in love with my life more and more and this is a wonderful way to remember all the joyous things that have happened to me in a year.
I keep my container (for now) at work  - not because all of the good things happen to me there, haha, but mostly because it's a space where the box won't get as easily destroyed (read: cats) and I don't have to worry about it getting knocked over, sat on, crushed or buried.
The box was NOT a used take out container. A beautiful origami crane was inside and was a gift this last holiday from the Staff Council at work. I though a box that already says "Thank You" on the outside and secretly housed a beautiful creature would be the perfect container for my "thanks".
I have a number of slips of paper inside - from celebrating my birthday with friends in Long Beach, seeing my love, having an adventure to see Cirque du Soleil with my mother.... So far my life in only two short months has been full of many joyous events and experiences.
I can only imagine the overwhelming feelings of love and happiness I will experience once I sit and read through these slips of memories at the end of the year.


  1. wow! such an awesome idea and reminder of the good things in life....we all need this, especially when something bad happens.

  2. I love this! Hmmmm - thinking this is a good project for my suddenly greedy 9-year-old to do! :)


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