Indiana Jones and the Amtrak of Doom

This weekend is part three of my birthday celebration weekends. My mother and I are headed to Seattle for a weekend of Cirque du Soleil, Pike Place Market, Brazilian Steakhouse and visiting my BFF.

Ever since we moved to Portland my mother has talked about wanting to take the train up to Seattle. She doesn't think she's been (to Seattle) since she was twelve or thirteen years. So I'm looking forward to the weekend (Sat-Mon) and showing her around.

I've been to Seattle a number if times. Both prior to moving to the PNW (when the BFF was getting married) and afterwards. A few times by plane but nowadays I only go by train. I love it! It doesn't take any longer than driving from Portland to Seattle, the seats are more comfortable than a plane and the view is just beautiful!

So when it came to deciding how my mom and I would travel to Seattle this weekend there was no doubt about it - the train!

It is from Train 500 - Cascades Amtrak that I'm writing this blog. And boy it was an adventure just GETTING to the train this morning. I'm hoping it hasn't set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Out train was scheduled to leave at 8:30am - meaning we needed to arrive about eight to get out seat assignment and calmly find out seats. We had the whole morning planned. Wake up at 6;15, out the door by 7:10, to catch the MAX before 7:30 etc etc. Heck! We were out the door early and to the MAX by 7:10. Looked like things were ahead of schedule. However, fate decided otherwise.

I'll give you the quick version: the MAX was 30 minutes late (and never did show up), so we called a taxi to take us to Union 8am (when we were supposed to be in downtown at Amtrak) and we had no idea when the taxi would arrive, we decided to get in our car (which was parked at the park and ride) and drive downtown instead.

Luckily on a Saturday morning we were able to fly on the freeway. We had to drive in circles because (as with everything else in Portland) "you can't get there from here" until we got to Union Station, parked, paid for parking (that still may or may not result in a parking ticket) and RAN into the station as we hear, "Last call for northbound to Seattle"!!! We ran in grabbed our seat assignment, jumped on a golf cart that took us to our train car, flung our luggage and ourselves into the train (The BFFs husband asked if I had to grab my hat Indian Jones style as I jumped onto the but I did accidentally goosed my mother in the process) and collapsed input seats just as the train closes its doors an pulled out if the station.


If I never have to do that again it will be too soon.

I'm just glad that we're about an hour out from our destination and have nothing but good food and good times ahead of us!


  1. how fun for both of you. I like Seattle in like August or Sept. My husband is from that area and our daughter and son in law are up there.

    The train sounds like a blast!!!


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