Languages of Love

So last week was the BFs and mine first Valentine's Day...and he (in his own words) FAILED. This was the first Valentine's he's been dating someone in over two years and had been busy traveling during the I didn't even get a text message. *sad face*

However, I'm right there acknowledging that Valentine's Day is an over commercialized corporate holiday and that you don't need a special day to say I Love You. The BF and I say it at least once a day to one another. But it was our first Valentine's  and while I wasn't asking for diamonds it kinda stunk to have it skipped all together.

During my at-work-pouting-session, my boss asked if I'd ever read or heard of the Language of Love. I'd heard about it but that was about it. She recommended it saying that it really has helped her and her husband on multiple occasions. Sometimes you just have to remember not everyone expresses feelings in the same way.

So later that day during my lunch I jumped online and looked it up.

What do you know? They have a 10-minute quiz so you can find out your "language of love". So I answered their questions (warning: they can feel repetitive) and discovered my languageS.

Apparently the highest you can score in one area is 12....I had 8, 7 and 7 (so basically a three way tie) in different categories.

Scored 8 in "Receiving Gifts"

And 7s in "Physical Touch" and "Quality Time"

It certainly was nice to read that "Receiving Gifts" doesn't mean "materialism". Because while I do love getting presents showing me you love me means bringing home an orange from a work trip to Florida because I miss fresh citrus...or something just thoughtful.

And I certainly agree that I'm all for quality time and physical touch. Now to just get the BF to take the quiz so we can see what his prevent conflict later on (or as much).

Has anyone else read the Languages of Love or taken the quiz? Did you think it was accurate?


  1. i'm sorry that your first valentine together not went very well.
    but like you said, we don't need a special day just to tell someone we love him dearly

  2. and the quiz look so fun to try!


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