Last Week in my 20s

Last week I was given a "happy last week of your twenties" birthday wish. Which gave me a fun idea - to photo document my last week as a 20-something. So the week prior to my 30th birthday I'm going to take a picture of "my day" and here I'm sharing it with you.

January 25th (7 days):

Sadly this wasn't the way I wanted to start this blog. I stayed home with some upset stomach issues. There's been a bug going around the office so I didn't want to take any chances - I have too many big weekends coming up to get sick.

So I'm staying home, watching M*A*S*H, blogging, cleaning and getting ready for the family to come over tomorrow after dinner. Hopefully it'll just get better from here on out.

January 26th (6 days):

Today is the day of my 1st of 3 birthday celebrations. Being that it was a "birthday celebration" day I figured do a few things for myself and get a little pampered before heading out for the evening. So I made an appointment at Nails by Donna, my local nail salon.

I was due for a new set of nails and the woman who did them (Donna the owner) talked me into (having to oh-so-twist my arm) to get a flower and heart on my ring fingers. :)  I also had my first-ever, professional, leg wax. I had two ladies double-teaming me and really the only part that was PAINFUL (not just uncomfortable or shocking) was around my ankles. Ye-ouch! But now I have baby-butt smooth legs for at least the next few weeks. 

Then it was time to get ready for the evening. Dinner with family and good friends. Then cake and presents back at my house. 

January 27th (5 days):

Today was just low key around the house. Went grocery shopping, picked up frames for some artwork my sister bought me at Christmas (below), made fried chicken and packed for next weekend. 

I also spent a good portion of the day editing photos from last night, blogging a review about my new dress from eShakti and had my mother cut a few inches off my hair (don't have time for a real cut so just a massive trim). Now to get through the next four days of work and then off to Long Beach I go!!

January 28th (4 days)

I just realized my numbers are off a little...I guess there are four more days until I wake up on my I guess it works...maybe? Oh well.


Today my mother and I finished planning/reserving things for our weekend in Seattle (not this weekend but next). We'd already purchased our Cirque du Soleil tickets and bought train tickets...but tonight we reserved a car and booked a hotel. AND all for cheaper than I had originally quoted ourselves earlier - thank you Costco car rental discount and double checking hotel prices (fyi - cheapticket websites aren't always the best deals. I booked directly with Marriot and got the same room for about 20$ cheaper with our AAA card than what had priced).

Now we're ready for a weekend in Seattle.

January 29th (3 days)

I'm getting more and more excited for this upcoming weekend. Today Lizzie (the friend I'm visiting) and I finished plotting out the Saturday (my actual 30th) itinerary.

Yep, we're doing a VIP tour at Warner Brother's Studio.

How fun is that?

Multi-person golf carts, green screens, movie sets, prop shops and who knows what else!! We've also planned a number of things to do in the LA area that I've just never done before.

So today (as last night) was planning my birthday! Haha

January 30th (2 days)

I'm sooooooo glad that I'll be leaving for my birthday weekend the day after tomorrow. Life has just continued to give me one challenge after another these last two days - whether personally or professionally. Thankfully today had it's shinning moment!  

I filed my taxes today and I'm getting money back!!

Let me explain why this is such an amazing thing. Last year I owed the feds and state (combined) a total of over 900.00 It was my own fault. I had an error on my W4 that wasn't fixed until after the new (2012) year. But it was fixed, and I had extra money taken from every paycheck, so now I get money back! Yahoo!

The plan is to move to a new place (all my own) with it.

January 31 (1 day)

Today's my last day in the office before heading for a three day weekend to celebrate my birthday. At work we always try to do something special for coworker's birthday...and since this was a "big one" according to one coworker.....

...Eight balloons (she wanted to do 30), streamers, gold stars and "Happy Birthday" confetti EVERYWHERE! :) Also some delicious baked goods (They got me a special cupcake that I could have bathed in the frosting it was so good).

It is great to have such wonderful coworkers.

February 1st (0 days!!)

I'm off to Long Beach my dears!

Tomorrow is my 30th Birthday and tonight I start the festivities (or at least round 2). :)


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