Life Plan

The other day I was reading one of my regular reads (Ech & Will) who had a post on "Life Plans. She wrote about where she thought she'd be at 26 and where she is now aren't exactly in line. Below is my comment on her post:

I'm unmarried (although I do have my honey), no children, and don't own a home. All things I remember thinking would happen when I crossed over into my 30s. Well here I am now, 17 days into being 30 and none of the above are (as far as I know) on the horizon. I learned long ago though that life brings you things when you're ready. I have a wonderful career, the time to be co-chair for my alma mater's reunion and still plenty of baby-making-years ahead of me. Sometimes things may not go as "planned" but then when has life stuck to a schedule?

I'm not saying there aren't times when my Facebook is filled with engagement ring adds, wedding photos and baby announcements that I don't wonder "what happened" and moment of feeling my life somehow, somewhere, got off track. There are days when I mistakingly compare myself to others. 

And then I take a deep breath and remember I'm being silly. Life isn't something you can plan. 

When I approached 30 I had a number of friends and family ask if I was "nervous" or "dreading it". I never had these feelings. When I look back at the years leading up to where I am now I can't imagine going back. Yes, there were some amazing times and memories I wouldn't change. But would I want to repeat those times? No. Do I wish there was some ex-beau I think was the "one that got away"? Not at all. 

So again, I take a deep breath and realize I like who I am now more than I did 5 even 10 years ago. I have more confidence, my passion and I wouldn't change that. So the rest of the pieces will fall into place. 

Life isn't something you can plan. 


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