Needed: Vacation from Vacations

I normally think of myself as a semi-busy person. Work usually feels more than the standard 40hrs/week but that's because of the types of things I do. Dealing with angry students battling the budget, trying to find solutions so students feel safe coming to campus despite stalking ex spouses, juggling meeting after meeting and still find time to organize graduation.....I feel like I could fall asleep at my desk any moment. 

However, the last month I have learned what it means to be busy (well busy for a single childless person). Yes, most of it has been fun and adventure with a trip to Seattle and one to Long Beach. But this weekend will be my third in a row traveling (heading to SoCal again) and I'm sure I'll be a complete zombie come next Monday. 

All I want is for next weekend (23/24th) to be a pajamas only, in bed watching movies, kind of weekend. I know there are a few errands that have to be done and I am contemplating going to the movies (got a gift card to the theatre for my birthday) but even that may be done in my jammies. 

It's been a lot of fun and this has been an amazing way to start my 30s but as a friend said I need to slow down - I have plenty of time. Haha.


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