Salt and Straw (Food Passport Project)

Since February is almost over and I want to get going on  my Portland Food Passport I figured what better way to start than for some homemade style ice cream.  Mmm.

And it was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day! It was a perfect day to head to NE Portland and stop at Salt and Straw Ice Cream. It's a place I've heard about time and time again is Salt and Straw Ice Cream (in the Alberta neighborhood).

My mother and I headed up together and as we got out of the car the smell of waffle cones slipped into my nose. We may have been a block away but I know the smell of fresh waffle cones! And boy was I excited!!

We went in and was greeted by one of the employees. He never told us his name but the guy in the stripped shirt was really helpful. He got especially excited when he found out neither of us had been to Salt and Straw before. He helped us try and recommended tons of flavors.
Mom and I tried: the Oregon Kiss, Chocolate Mole, The Pirates of Trinidad, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, Sea Salt with Carmel Ribbon and finally the Freckled Woodblock Chocolate. Mom ended up with a bowl of the Oregon Kiss and I got a waffle cone with the Chocolate Mole.
It was fun and had yummy unique flavors and will probably be on the list of places to take visitors but if I'm in the mood for an ice cream cone it isn't worth the 20 minute drive....who knows though.


  1. I've heard this is great ice cream. We tried to go recently but there was a line around the corner so we passed.

    1. It was good. I've been told to go just as they open. We went about noon (so they'd only been open an hour) and didn't have a line at all. Although, while we were there (and a small line developed) the staff helped everyone pretty fast. It's a small space so I think they can look busier than they really are. You should give it a try.


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