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Me at Seal Beach
Holy smokes! I feel like it's been forever since I blogged. But that's because I've been busy with having an AMAZING birthday!

You heard me A-MAZE-ZING!

First it started off last Friday with landing in Long Beach late afternoon, strolling down to the water front and Seal Beach pier. I was in a strapless blouse and sandles and most others on the beach were in sweaters and scarfs! Haha. It was so beautiful - 70s and sunny. Oh, how I miss the beach. 

That evening came to a fabulous climax with getting to meet my sweet Mr. New Jersey (for the first time)! *insert shit eating grin here* He happened to be in Long Beach for business, overlapping one evening with my plans for Long Beach.

We had dinner at Sevilla - a Spanish tapas restaurant - with my friend Iz and her hubby Mr. K and my Mr. NJ. It couldn't have been a better evening (see more about the date in an upcoming blog) - we ate, we drank, we laughed, we had a great time. In the end the BF (<- like that new transition) and I got together for the most perfect 12 hours imaginable!

I fuzed his face for the time being - we'll ease him into the idea of a "public" life
The only thing that could have made the evening better was if it had last longer. It was the best 12 hours of my life but I'm greedy and wish I had more. The next morning, after the BF had to head back home to Jersey,  Iz and I stuffed our bellies and headed to Burbank, CA! 

We had tickets for a VIP behind the scenes tour of Warner Brother's Studio!! It was so cool. I had seen the tour highlighted on someone else's blog (I wanted to insert a link to their blog here but damnit if I couldn't find it - so if you've blogged about this tour please give yourself credit below! And a big THANK YOU for the idea). 

We were the last tour of the day, so instead of the regular 2 1/2 hour tour ours pushed the three hour mark. Our guide, Mark, was so funny and well knowledgeable about everything. He mentioned to us on a break at the Warner Brother's Museum, that he tries to watch at least a season or two of shows filmed at the studio so he has talking points for all fans.

Me in front of Patrick Jane (the Mentalist's) car
He certainly made my day when he took us to the sound studio where they film The Mentalist. I not only got to see the squad room, elevator and staircase that leads to Patrick Jane's "office" but I got my picture taken with Jane's car!!! (see above). The only thing that would have made it better is if I was allowed to lay on the couch. Haha. Oh well.

Iz and I on the set of Friends
We also went to the set (recreation) of Friends Central Perk coffee house, film studios for Ellen and the Big Bang Theory and a great tour of various building facades. It was totally worth the money ($50/each) for life long memories!

John Wayne's footprints
Afterwards we continued the "birthday firsts" for me and headed into Hollywood and Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  If anyone has ever watched the old television show I Love Lucy than you might know why of all foot prints I took my picture with John Wayne's.

No I'm not an old western fan (although I do love McClintock) it's a tribute to Lucy and Ethel and the shinnanegans they always are getting into. There is an episode, during the Hollywood season, when Lucy tries to steal John Wayne's footprints to take home as a souviner. The whole episode is them trying to get a replacement after it's broken, crawled through, walked and and otherwise destroyed. 

And if you're wondering - NO I didn't try to steal them for my own souvenir.

When we finally headed home we stopped in Long Beach'es CambodiaTown for a delicious dinner (another first for me - Cambodian not a delicious dinner). Iz and Mr. K have traveled extensively in SE Asia (a life long dream of mine) and she was fairly impressed with their food. We ordered a number of dishes and ate family style - rice paper spring rolls with shrimp, lemon grass chicken and a (papaya?) salad, shrimp fried rice with a yummy garlic sticky sauce, mixed greens and a creamy hot and sour coconut chicken soup (below). 

Everything was incredible. Maybe it was because it was all delicious or maybe it's because it had been  eight or nine hours since we had breakfast...either way I would have licked the bowls clean if I hadn't been so stuffed! On our way back to the house we swung by Coldstone and grabbed some ice cream to eat while watching Greg and Stacey.

The next day was my day to head home - but not until later in the evening. So we thought we'd continue my "firsts" list and head up to Venice Beach for the afternoon. I had never been to Venice beach despite being raised in Southern California - I was always a San Diego beach girl. It was fun. We strolled the boardwalk, I bought a piece of art from a street vendor, we stopped and had a drink with chips and I got my palm read (another first).

The palm readers french bulldog
Iz laughed and told me afterwards I had lied to the 'psychic' with some of the questions she asked. I see it more as not feeding her information.

She saw that I date often and don't stay in relationships long - wrong. I tend to be a lifer (relationships having been 2 year, 3 years and now 7 months).

She saw me being married once or twice, asked if I had been married before. 'No'... she then said she thinks that there must have been a "lived - in" relationship or one that came close to marriage but that I ended it. So while Mr. HK and I had talked about marriage for a while (before he changed his mind, not me) and did have a boy friend live with my family in high school I didn't think it fit well enough to give her that point.

She also said she saw me having 2 to 3 children, and asked if I had any 'No'..... that's when she asked how old I was.

She ended with saying she didn't want me to be in this relationship for 2 years, 3 years with no doors opening. If my current relationship didn't have "doors open" by one year than I was to keep dating other people.  Haha. Okay Jersey. This is your 5 month warning!

No. I didn't go in.
We finished strolling the boardwalk and started towards the airport. Finally heading home that night I couldn't help but know that I just had not only the best weekend ever but also couldn't be happier with the way I entered into my 30s. 

If this weekend was a sign to how the remainder of the year or the decade will bring than I have one thing to say:



  1. Happy 30th birthday! It looks like you had a lot of fun. The Warner Brothers tour sounds really neat. All the best with Mr. NJ. I hope the relationship brings you happiness.

    Tina - American mom in South Africa


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