Pretty Pretty Pin Up (post & giveaway)

Dita Von Teese (modern burlesque queen and pin up) has been quoted as saying what she does "It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood"

...that's exactly why I signed up Bettina May's Pin Up class this last weekend, here in Portland. 

It wasn't about having sexy pictures to give the BF. It was about embracing who I have become, happy being 30, being happy (most days) with my body...and just loving me.

I remember coming across Bettina's class sometime last year; however it was just after my birthday and I couldn't swing the registration fee. I knew though that the next time she came through town I'd jump on the opportunity. So a few weeks ago I saw the class advertised on Facebook I hopped online and paid the full registration!
Bettina May is described (via her website) as a Canadian Burlesque Ambassador!
"Bettina May has been a pin-up model and burlesque performer since 2003, starting her career as a model for ...She is also a much sought-after pin-up photographer and vintage stylist, putting her love of vintage style to good use as a consultant for period films and running her successful pin-up makeover classes, which she styles and shoots herself. She has been teaching classes since 2006, bringing her unique body-positive full-day experience to Canada, the US and Europe. Her class has appeared nationally on NBC’s First Look and has been profiled in the NY Times and Greenpoint Gazette." (Bio found on Bettina May blog here)
All I can say (over and over again) was what an amazing time I had. It was an intimate setting, the back stage space at a local Portland bar. There were only three of us in the class so it really felt like a private session with quality 1-on-1 time with both Bettina and her assistant Lily.

The class starts off with everyone discussing what it is they want from the class and why they joined. 
I talked about building up my self confidence over the last five years and how these photos are to be my reminder of the love I've found for myself and the confidence I have. I shared about my love for the classic 40s-50s style and the ultimate sex appeal I find in these women. And finally, how I hope to incorporate these styling techniques in my every day life - not just for special events.

After introductions Bettina then walked us through each step on applying a basic 40s pin up face. It's hard to even begin with what she taught me that I plan to incorporate daily but the top two are:
1. No bottom eye makeup (not just no-liner but no mascara either) to help create the larger eye look
2. If you wear nothing else slap on a good red lipstick and you'll be set!
After she finished her face, she walked us through hair(this is the area I'm going to have to work and practice the most. My hair is stubborn when it comes to curls - not just the texture but also the length and thickness weighs down the curl) her assistant Lily set our own hair in hot rollers. We all then sat down and did our own faces. Bettina and Lily were there to help with questions about amount of eye shadow, placement of cat eyes and how best to apply fake lashes.

Once our faces were done we took turns having Bettina undo the curlers and give us the perfect pin up hair. I don't know what do you think? I think curlers bring out my smile. ;)
Once dressed, hair done and clothes on we each got a photo shoot with Bettina. I haven't had my picture professionally taken (not including photos for my sister's wedding) since my high school graduation photos. Bettina made me feel comfortable and glamorous and now I have over a dozen gorgeous photographs to cherish for years to come.
Because I had such an amazing time and highly encourage anyone who loves vintage or wants to feel glamorous for an afternoon, to find out if Bettina is coming to your area. She's just started her West Coast Tour and still has many classes you can sign up for (here).
In the meantime I thought I'd share my excitement with you and putting together a complete Pin-Up giveaway! Prizes include a copy of Bombshell Basics.
"In Bombshell Basics, A Pinup Model's Secrets Revealed! -- New York City-based pinup model, stylist, and burlesque star Bettina May shares with you her treasure box of tools, tricks, and secrets for achieving the coveted pinup look from wherever you start - short hair, straight hair, any face or body type. Bettina May focuses on 'special effects' you can achieve with the pinup toolbox - from camouflaging imperfections to amplifying facets of your natural beauty.

Bettina offers her expertise to help you incorporate elements of pinup makeup and hairstyles into your everyday or special-occasion look. Whether you are posing for pictures, going out to dance, or just going to work, Bettina's magic touch will give you the inspiration and confidence you need to make yourself feel fabulous and in control of your image."

Other prizes to include Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Honeymoon Red nail polish, NYC 2-in-1 A Rock A Fella lip stick and a handmade red rose/feather hair piece to complete your pin up look.

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Giveaway ends the end of March.
Anyone/everyone is eligible to win!
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  1. I would LOVE to be a bombshell ;) How fun!

    1. I think we all have a bombshell inside ourselves. We just have to let them out.

  2. Great pics, you're so pretty!

  3. You go Miss Morgan! Sexy lady!! I think my fave has got to be the ever popular Marilyn.. Who doesn't love her right?

  4. This seems like it would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing- especially the no lower eye makeup tip =)

    As for my inspiration...Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly...both classic, timeless and elegant.

    1. Good inspirations! I agree they were fantastic!

  5. This looks so fun and you look GORGEOUS! Wowzers!

    I've got to go with Marilyn, too. I don't think there will ever be a beauty to top her. :)

    1. Thanks Julee. I haven't felt that pretty in a long time. It's great to now have these pictures/memories forever.

      And Ms. Monroe is one of mine too.

  6. Wow Ms Morgan What an experience and you look beautiful! Curling my fine straight hair is quite the challenge too. I want to do a shoot like this! My all time favorite is Marilyn. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. It certainly was an experience of a lifetime. So much fun!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you found me! Now I'm following you! My beauty inspiration is Rosemary Clooney from her role in White Christmas. Her hair is perfect! But then in 1954's Red Garters her ruby red lips are amazing! She totally my inspiration!!! -Stephanie of A Geek in Glasses

  8. Thank you for linking up today. Hope to see you next time: Thursday April 11. The theme is show me your favorite spring trend.


  9. Edith Head. Any costume made for any movie, no matter how terrible. And Lena Horne.


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