Firmoo Review

The end of last month I was contacted by Firmoo with a free glasses offer. They're an online glasses company (so instead of paying expensive prices at your local optometrist) where you can easily enter in your prescription and get your glasses via USPS.
Now it's been years since I had my eyes checked and years since I've actually worn glasses (I'm bad I know) so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sign up for this offer - since I didn't have the needed numbers about my "prescription". However, the rep told me that I could get clear glass (non-prescription) instead.
I've never really understood the "glasses for fashion" concept. For me (having worn glasses since I was about eight or nine) glasses were necessity only. But when the pair I ordered from Firmoo came in I couldn't help but wear them the rest of the night - they were so cute.

The website itself was super easy and a few styles to choose from (few styles but many variations: sizes, colors, etc). They even have an option to upload your own picture so you can digitally try on the frames - or you can use one of their "models". You select your frame, enter your prescription (don't worry they help you with how to read your prescription) and bing bang boom, that's it!
Now unfortunately I can't tell you how good the prescription match is... because I didn't get any prescription lenses.
But I can say is they're cute, came with two different cases (hard and soft), a cleansing cloth and a key chain sized glasses screw driver.
I'd say if you're on a budget and looking for a new pair of glasses  you should check them out! Especially since they have a First Pair Free for New Customers deal (here).

Warning: I've had multiple interactions with their...shall we say "enthusiastic" representative... and I just encourage you to be sure with what you want and don't hesitate.


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