He Likes Big Butts

Like with many women my figure and body has changed the older I've gotten.

I've gone up about eight sizes (14-28) in the last fifteen years. It's happened for many reasons: puberty, on-and-off birth control, "Freshman Fifteen" and now working in a highly sedative office job.

Now the point if this blog isn't about losing weight, social standards or really even my dress size. No this blog is about how the type and number of men I attract has increased right along with my size.

And my question is are more men starting to appreciate and find a curvy woman attractive? Or are they just feeling they can express their true desires/attractions more?

I had a number of boyfriends going through high school but once I hit college that number plummeted and I found myself in a perpetual state of "friendship zone". It was during this time that my self esteem started to sink, not because of not dating but that surely didn't help, but just being in a new place trying to discover myself and (for the first time) feeling un-date-able.

After college I just threw myself into my work. Didn't really have any interest in dating so I didn't (although you could apply the chicken vs egg question here I'm sure). It wasn't until about five years ago that I said enough was enough, I was tired of being single and feeling undesirable. 

So I pulled on my big girl panties and started working on loving me. As I started embracing myself I started finding more and more men wanting to embrace me too. *wink wink*. 

If anyone doesn't believe that confidence is the sexiest thing about a woman than I doubt they've met a truly confident lady. Now I'm not saying that with every dose of confidence came a Prince Charming (if you've read my entries on dating you'll knew that's far from true). 

When I first re-joined the dating world I wasn't that impressed with the men I was finding. But then with round two, despite feeling occasionally like my expiration date had come and gone, I started (finally) connecting with men who weren't just looking for a booty call....

It still will amaze me though when I'm flirted with in line at the grocery store (especially the time I had on no makeup and had a GIANT cold sore on my lip and still had the cashier hit on me at RiteAid) or asked at the bus stop if I have a boyfriend or winked at by the waiter. I don't think I'll ever be accustomed to it. 

But I still wonder. Is it me? Is it them? Is it my confidence and (finally) finding myself not repulsive that men are picking up on...or are men (in their own quest for finding "self") more open to dating plus size women. 

In the end I suppose it doesn't matter since I have found my Prince Charming and he loves my curves.


  1. I love this post!! I used to be into a certain size and spent most of the last three years trying to lose weight. Now that I am present, it seems I am revolting my definition on body image. Curves are something I will always have (thanks to my body type) no matter what size I am! Only good thing about losing weight is I figured out that I love to do 5ks and 10ks walk! Completing the race makes me feel better than losing weight. Confidence is the key!


    1. Thanks Candace. I started this blog entry months ago when my BF and I first started dating but it was forgotten about and I figured it was time to revisit and finish it.

      You're right. It's not only about feeling happy with who you are - inside and out - but also feeling healthy. I know some folks size 4 who can't run 5Ks so good for you!! :)

      Thanks for stopping by.


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