Mile High Mudd Pie

This past weekend was my sister's baby shower (2 months after giving birth but better late than never) and/or my niece's "coming out" party. The idea for the pot luck was to have food that my sister craved when she was pregnant - anything piƱa colada, strawberries, and most of all Mudd Pie. 

During her pregnancy (and even well as now afterwards) if there is mudd pie on a menu she would order it, which is strange enough since my sister isn't really a "dessert" fan. But Mudd Pie is a different story apparently. 

For those that don't know what a Mudd Pie is it's is basically an ice cream pie/cake. It has a cookie crust (typically chocolate) and then piled high (hence "mile high") with (again typically) coffee ice cream and topped with a whipped cream topping. 

Since most restaurants (or at least the one's where she enjoyed their pie) only sell by the slice I was left to the challenge of making a homemade mudd pie for the shower. She loved it and so did the guests. 

Here's what I did:




I didn't use any recipe but winged it on my own... Now I know the next time a family member wants an ice cream cake for their birthday I can make it on my own and don't have to buy it (although at times it is just easier). :)


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