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Recently I've noticed there is more and more of a trend to carry multi-bags/purses (one can assume) to and from work. No longer is a single purse enough. (And I'm not including those who are obviously carrying a purse and gum bag because they're hitting the treadmill before/after punching their time cards). At least in Portland, you'll see women with a purse and then not a lunch pale (although you can spot the traditional styles) but a complete extra bag. One that often times is over flowing or looks heavier than their purse.

Now I'm not here pointing fingers. Because I've found myself succumbing to this trend. I'll have one "bag" for my wallet, keys, phone and bus pass and then a separate one for book, umbrella (depending on the time of year), water bottle and lunch (sometimes even breakfast depending on how quick I needed to scurry out the door).

However, these days I find cumbersome and in the need for a few extra arms like Shiva or an octopus. One arm for each purse (because ultimately they are too heavy combines to sling over one arm), a hand for the umbrella, one for my coffee, and a few others just to be safe.

Lately I've been investing in, what I like to call, Mary Poppins bags. Purses that are somehow magical in size. Purses that amaze me at how much they can hold...and sometimes looks can be deserving.

The newest purse, purchased specifically because of its enormous size and fabulous color, holds SOOOO much. To demonstrate I've emptied out the contents from today's trip to work for you to see:

Now understand too that when I left for work this morning the coat was being worn. On Sunday I had a set of hot rollers, make up bag, change of clothes, stuffed animal and at least a half dozen other things in this purse....albeit I also did have a 2nd bag; but then some of the women came with suitcases!

If I had the choice, and sometimes my purse-to-outfit color coordinating doesn't allow for much flexibility, I'd go with one purse all the way. But this phenomena of multi-bags still intrigues me.

What about you, what do you carry? A Back pack? Large bag? Purse plus extra bag?


  1. I love the picture of the little girl, LOL! I sometimes grab a large tote bag and stuff my smaller purse and all sorts of other things I might need in there too!

    1. I've been known to do that too -usually when I'm flying. It's how I get away with more than "2" items. Just shove a smaller purse into a larger tote bag! Lol


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