What Women Want?

Has anyone else seen the 2000 Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt film What Women Want? ...okay this post really isn't about that film...

It's about something spectacular and a chance to win $150 gift card to eShakti.com!! Because everyone loves winning things right? 

All you have to do is email contest@eshakti.com and tell them (in 45 words or less) "What Do Women Want?"

Seems easy enough right? Well let me tell you I've emailed my entry (no, I won't share until after the contest) and it was so hard!!!


  1. Hi!

    I took a look at that site and already saw some dresses and tops that I want, so I might just have to break down and do this too. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. If you do make sure to use MSMRGNSREL in the promotion code (before March 20th) and get an extra 20% off!


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