Boston: Little Piece of American History

So many adorable places. Like this antiquity book shop
I found right around the corner from my hotel.
Last Wednesday I woke up early and headed to the airport for a 7:45AM flight to Boston. I was headed for a student leadership conference (which this blog is not about but was pretty darn good). This was not only my first time to Boston . . . my first time to Massachusetts . . . but also my first time to New England.  And for as big of a history nerd as I am this was a trip of a lifetime!
I always knew if I had the opportunity to go to New England, Boston would be my number one preferred place to go. So much of our history as a country, so much of who we are, was given birth there. I had to see, taste, smell, feel and experience it for myself.

Luckily the conference was only about 8-4 each day; giving me plenty of before breakfast and pre-dinner sightseeing time. And to make things even better my hotel (staying at the same place the conference was held) was right in downtown Boston. The Boston Commons were only a five minute walk (less really). Points on the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall and the Old State House, were moments outside my front step. I was able to even visit the North End (Boston's equivalent to NY's Little Italy) with Paul Revere's House, The Old North Church and Mike's Pastry!
I was in Boston for four days and four nights and, while I may have exhausted myself with how much I squeezed in between sessions, I got to see so much on my first trip to Boston. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures with you. I took almost three hundred photos (probably more when you take into consideration ones I just posted directly to Twitter and my personal FB page) so I tried to group them into collages for you here:

Boston Commons

I visited three cemeteries: Central Burying Ground, Granary Burial Ground and the King's Chapel Cemetery.

Granary was my favorite though
Faneuil Hall

Paul Revere Mall just outside the Old North Church

The Old North Church

Sadly part of the Old State House and City Hall have been turned into a Steak House restaurant.

The North End was like stepping into another time and place. So quant and lovely. I could have stayed there forever.

Didn't hurt that Mike's Pastry was in the North End. Such good cannoli! I even brought a box home for the family!

I don't feel like I had nearly enough time to visit Boston . . . having to work around a conference schedule didn't help. But I hope to return again some day and just for pleasure. It really was a lifetime experience and a trip I won't forget.


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