Cannoli and Irish Cream Cupcakes (2 recipes)

A week or so ago I found a recipe for a cannoli cupcake over on My Sweet Life. How could I not try this out? So I figured this weekend for my sister's Passion Party I would make a sweet treat to go along with the libations.
Now I didn't follow the recipe exactly but they still turned out amazing. I used a yellow cake instead of a white cake. I didn't actually make my own cannoli for decorations. Instead I bought Peppridge Farm's chocolate hazelnut twilled cookies, cut them in 1/3 and decorated the tops. And I also couldn't find Marsala wine, as in the original recipe, so I bought a Port instead (because my sister, who hosted the party, loves Port)....however, I followed the recipe and even added more wine than recommended and didn't taste the wine at all in the whipped cream topping.
Oh well. They were still amazing. Enough that I was having people ask me why I don't have my own cupcake shop, and asking if they could take some home to whomever couldn't come (or for themselves later on). There will be a few more alterations the next time I make these (I'm thinking a cookie crust bottomed cupcake) but definitely worth making again.

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The other cupcakes I made tonight were from and Cheeky Panda; called Dangerously Delicious Dark Chocolate Bailey's Cupcakes. Again, I kinda sorta followed the recipe. I made my own chocolate fudge cake but did add irish cream (O'Maras not Baileys) and coffee to the batter....actually I also didn't put as many eggs in as I was supposed to for my own recipe so the cakes ended up extra soft and moist but still delicious.

Mostly I used Cheeky Panda's frosting recipe...I do think I put more Irish Cream than was called for. When I tasted one of the cupcakes (w/o frosting) I couldn't taste the Irish Cream at all. So I figured I needed to compensate with the frosting. I accomplished my goal because a few ladies made jokes about not being able to eat and drive with the amount of booze. LOL

Again, I think there are a few changes I'd make the next time around, maybe a much stronger espresso cake or a milk chocolate cake instead of a dark...but either way it was still another recipe I will use again.


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