Cocktails, Cupcakes and C-rings

WARNING! This post is for 18+  It is a post for those who are comfortable with discussing sex (we're talking Rated R for Mature Audiences not like XXX).
Okay, for those that don't mind adult conversations . . . and I realize that perhaps I was raised in a family a little more open about sexuality and being open about conversation. But I think that's the beginning of healthy sexuality. I was amazed when a few ladies didn't want it to be known they were at the party last night. 

Yesterday evening I attended my first Passion Party. For those that aren't familiar, basically it is a Tupperware party with sex toys. There's a host (my sister 'K') who invites a bunch of her friends and a Passion Party consultant (Becca) to showcase and demonstrate (okay maybe that's the wrong word) some of the products.
As everyone arrived we had cocktails and snacks out for folks to socialize with. This is why I made the cannoli cupcakes and chocolate irish cream cupcakes. With our circle of friends, many people brought beer and wine with them. One friend brought a strawberry infused vodka that eventually was used to marinate strawberry slices in (yummy).
We started off PG13 rated as our consultant had us play "the alphabet game". Eryn, the consultant-in-training, would show a flashcard with a letter on it and whomever shouted out a sexy/naughty word (that started with that letter) first collected the card. In the end we all "won" and received aromatherapy satchels for our drawers.
We then moved on with lotions and pheromone enhanced perfumes...yes we all went around sniffing one another to see what the perfume smelled like. As the evening progressed we got to "massagers" like the Smooth Operator (shown) that are contoured for your shoulders, knees and other places. *wink wink* Eventually we moved to the X-rated levels with c-rings and libido stimulators.

Smooth Operator

It was during the purchasing portion that K decided to become a Passion Party Consultant. While I had signed up to host a party with Becca as the consultant, now that I know K will be a trained consultant I think I'll probably shift to having her at the part. I just think she's a bit more the type for our group of friends. Becca and Eryn seemed a big shocked when the room yelled "*UNT!' when asked for a C word....and really that was (in my opinion) one of the given response.

The consultant Becca was very nice (although I do have to say was very heterocentric and I don't think paid attention when K told her this would be a mixed sexuality audience) and at the end sat to one side of the room for us to come to her with orders. Passion Party ships directly to your home in discreet packages, with the return address being that of the consultant, and for a flat rate of $10.

Have you ever participated in a Passion Party (or something similar)? If it was anything like ours I'm sure you had a lot of fun!


  1. Back in the day they were called FUN (For US Now) parties. True Romance is the company servicing...err...filling...err...providing the in home relationship enhancing products

    Definitely not for the uptight personalities

    1. It was nice that this consultant started off low key and tried to feel out (out not up) the room and the crowd. I just don't think she was expecting to go from 0 to 69 so quick! Lol


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