Foodie Penpals

I remember being in middle school (maybe?) and having a pen pal. She was a girl about my age that lived in Germany. I think we wrote twice and exchanged pictures but that is it. I can't remember who stopped writing (I'm sure it was me, I'm awful and keeping in touch) or how we even got connected.

I have a "pen pal" type relationship with one of my good friends. She and I both love letter art and will send one another fantastical cards we find in bizarre little shops (I have at least three blank and waiting to send her), she has recently designed and made her own stationary, and in college we used to make collage envelopes together.

I've also been known to send a care-package or two before (to a boyfriend when we were long distance, to a cousin when he was stationed in the Middle East, to friends just because).

I mean who doesn't love getting mail? Especially when it comes in the form of a package!

So when I came across this idea of Foodie Penpals on It Bakes Me Happy's blog I thought it was the best idea ever! How much fun to get a package of foodie-goodies from someone!?

I've already signed up and am starting to think of all the goodies I could package...even with a $15 limit! Portland is such a great town for this because there are so many DIY and Mom/Pop food shops! I promise to share with you what I put together for my yet-to-be-identified Foodie Penpal.

The Lean Green Bean


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