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Everyone, now and then, will get called by the wrong name. Whether it's a person you met once months back at a party calling you Kate instead of Kathy . . . the woman who does my nails has been calling me Megan for so long (even though when I schedule I say "Morgan"). It happens.

However, if you are a company or business that is trying to find promoters, sponsors or bloggers to spread the word about your company/product. My simple word of advice. Make sure you call us by the right name or at least use a generic greeting.

Emailing us and using the wrong name (and I mean completely wrong not just misspelled) makes you 1) look unprofessional 2) like a scam and/or 3) like a bot is writing to us and has a glitch. It does not make us feel actually wanted or that you have in fact actually READ anything about our blog. Our URL and email just happened to pop up in your system.
Now, don't get me wrong. I love that Ms. Morgan's Reality Check is getting out there more. That companies are writing and asking me to participate in reviews or reposts. However today I got this email from Happify.com

"Hi Kerri, I’m Rick, Head of Marketing at Happify, a NYC-based company with a vision to bring the science of happiness to mass market in an entirely new way. While researching happiness sites, I came across Ms. Morgan's Reality Check., . . . If you have any questions or feedback please let me know. "

You get the idea. Right away (with "Hi Kerri") I stopped reading. It no longer mattered what or who his company was. It didn't matter if they were offering the deal of a lifetime.
I. Stopped. Reading.
Although, I will admit I sent this in return:

 Haha. Actually I sent this email:
"My feedback would be to double check your emails before sending them. No where in my contact information on my blog, or social media, is my name Kerri. The title of my blog is Ms. MORGAN'S Reality Check and my signatures on blogs say "Ms. Morgan'. While you may have a wonderful product, having "Hi Kerri" to the start of this email makes me feel you are unaware of who you are emailing and does not make me want to affiliate myself with you at this time. Best, Morgan"



  1. There's always my favorite response to those people (not that I've ever needed it or am likely to) http://thebloggess.com/heres-a-picture-of-wil-wheaton-collating-papers/

    1. OMG!! I love this post! I've seen it before but didn't even think about it before emailing them! Too bad - damnit.

    2. I get the feeling you'll have other opportunities. :-D

  2. Just got my own email from Rick. He ran across my blog while searching beauty sites... one has to wonder how. My blog is Jezri's Nightmares and features horror stories and writing contests. Also, even though the title of my blog is Jezri's Nightmares, my name is Lisa and says so in my profile, listed in the side bar. He addressed the email to Jezri... My muse, who is amused. Happiness and horror, lol.


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