My Own Lil English Garden

I suppose with spring finally in the air, and so many friends and family moving into their own houses, I'm wishing I had a place of my own to create and cultivate my own little private English garden.
I currently rent a little one level condo that does have a back and front "yard" space; and I have planted a few things over the years. When we came it had six rose buses, daffodils and iris. I've since planted a variety of lilies in the front and a variety of annuals (pansies, marigolds, etc) in the back.
I get so attached though, and where this isn't somewhere I hope to be living much longer I don't want to put too much work into the space. But when I come home to a few bright yellow daffodils, ruby red tulips and lilies as tall as I am, I can't help but want to expand the space even more.

Here's some inspiration I've found recently for once I do have a space of my own:

This bird bath is simple but lovely details that match the flowers that surround it.

When I lived in CA I had flower beds hanging over the railings of my apartment
I'd love to install beds and have such color outside my windows.
Ivy and vine climbing may damage house walls but to have lattices up the sides would be lovely.
The variety of blooms and colors, event the different heights, make this looks like somewhere
faeries live and dance with butterflies. I'd love something this beautiful in  my yard.
Something like this, leading up to the front door, on a raised bed with stepping stones.

Maybe some day soon I'll have a space to create my dream garden.



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