Name Change

You ever just feel like a name doesn't exactly fit.
There isn't anything particularly wrong with it.
It's a perfectly "fine" name.
It just doesn't feel....right.
So you start to think about changing your name.
Think about the way it sounds rolling off your tongue.
Does it sound right?
Does it fit you?
You fall asleep thinking about the possibilities.
You text your friends and family getting their opinions.
You wonder if or how many others have that same name.
You just want something that says "YOU!"
Finally one day you think you have it.
Maybe it came to you in the shower or grocery store.
You ask one or two select people and for the most part
So that's it.
You decide to do it.
You're going to pay the money
And make it so.

You're buying a BLOG DOMAIN NAME!
This is what I've been going through the last few months. I've been really toying with idea for longer but lately I have decided I wanted to be more dedicated to my blog. Spend more time developing and expanding my posts and my readership. So about a week ago I decided to "get serious".
I started word smithing some on my own at first....this isn't something you just want to invite anyone in on with a completely blank slate. I wanted something that not only spoke to who I am as a person, but who I am as a blogger. What I've already written about and where I want to go moving forward.
Once I had some ideas of alliterations and word-play I liked I asked a few family and friends (my loyalist of loyal readers) what they thought. We bounced back and forth a few variations. I would Google the possibilities to make sure no one else already had claim to them (there were a few I really liked but someone else already owned).

Then last night "Curves and a Camera" came to me.
It was about 11:00PM and I was starting to get ready for bed. I had (again) been thinking of "what do I want this to really showcase"?
I realized the most important part of this journey for me (journey of both life and as a blogger) is embracing myself - embracing my curves, my body, my figure.... however you want to say it.
It's taken me years to knock out most of the negative body image issues I struggled with.

The second piece "and a Camera" comes from the love and teasing from my family. They know I photo journal just about everything. Not just family birthdays and holidays, but dinner, new shoes, a pretty flower in the park, the brightly hued flamboyant person on the train platform.....everything.
My camera is usually with me within reach. I never want to be far in case that once-in-a-million shot should happen. My camera is part of who I am.
So "Curves and a Camera" was born. And I'll be conquering the world with them both.


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