I don't know if it's jut me...maybe I just haven't found my bloggroove...but I find myself voted with my blog look, wanting to shuffle and redesign every few months (if you're a regular reader you'll notice the latest look...still don't know how I feel about it).

I also find myself envious of those bloggers with (what appears to be) a blogging routine. I tried a whole back and just couldn't keep it up. I went for a few months and then just one day it didn't happen.

But!!... I've decided I'm going to try again. I'm not only going to try and start a Foodie Friday series (either recipes/dishes I've made or ones I've found that I can't wait to try). I'm also going to (try) to set aside an hour (or two?) during the week to write a few blog and schedule them for later postings.

Question for our blogging hive. What tricks or suggestions do you have for me? How do you keep to a blogging schedule?


  1. I like the bright colors! It gives it a summery feel. I don't really schedule time to blog. I enjoy it so I find myself constantly gravitating to the computer to write my blog and read blogs.

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to find something that not only represents my blog but resonates with my personal style and spirit. We'll see what happens.

      And I definitely enjoy blogging. I guess it's the making dedicated time I need to work on. When I have an idea and try to start a post a million things pull me in a million different directions. I'll just have to work on it I guess.


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