Trolley Wine Tour

Life has been kind of stressful lately....okay I'll be honest it's been stressful to the point I'm not sleeping well, I have heartburn, am exhausted to the point of being a zombie and am sure I'm one family phone call away from developing a non-reversible twitch in my right eye.
So now you have a better idea when I say I've needed a vacation or at least a day of relaxation. Luckily I found about six hours of relaxation in a wine tasting tour this past Sunday. Or as I put on my FB Sunday was a day of "1 vineyard, 2 wine bars, 6 hours and 26 bottles of wine later"....
I went with my sister K. I had bought the Groupons back in October or November when the BF and I had plans for him to come up to Portland. But with his work schedule and the expiration date getting closer and closer I had to just use it. I knew K needed a break from reality too so we had ourselves a "Sister Date"
It was a lot of fun. The transportation company does these tours not only in limos and personal cars (like many tours do) but they also have an old fashioned trolley (that fit the 28 of us just fine) to drive us around. And yes, it was equipped for the highway!

Like I said above we went to two different wine bars (one of which is associated with a vineyard we just went to their tasting room location instead) and one vineyard.
I think my favorite wine came from the first tasting room (Artisanal Wine Cellar): a 2010 Dovetail White comprised of 50% Vionier and 50% Roussanne. The wine had a sweet smell but a dry taste and was very nice; a perfect weekend lounging wine.

My least favorites came from location #2 (Hauer of Dauen Winery). There were at least four or five that after the smallest sip I just dumped out (01 Chardonnay Barrel Fermented....and boy was it....the Gamay Noir and the Lemberger...which did smell/taste like cheese).

The last location (Wine Works) had one of K's favorites. She ended up buying a bottle of their 12 Hodgepodge (white combination of Pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Riesling and Auxerrois). The woman behind the counter said her BFF calls it a "Breakfast Wine". As in she'd have it for breakfast....

Overall the day was so much fun and we got to try a number of new wines. However the biggest thing was I got to spend 6 hours enjoying myself, life and not worrying about taking care of anyone other than myself.


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