Foodie Friday

Happy Friday Foodies. Today's Foodie Friday is actually taking place over at a Frugal Foodie Mama where I am guest blogging. I'd been following her blog via Facebook and Twitter long enough and figured it was time to start joining in the fun. So I sponsored her for the month of May and as part of the deal I get to do a guest blog. Since she has so many yummy recipes over on her page I figured I needed to share one of my own.

The recipe you can go find are for these Oreo Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps6174aec8.jpg
 Thanks Carrie.for letting me take over Frugal Foodie Mama today and the rest of you....go check her out!


  1. Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious!!! When I make them, I will make sure I have a chop stick handy just in case:)


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