Martha Stewart vs Toll House

Normally I use Martha Stewart's soft and chewy recipe but I wasn't up for digging around and looking for my recipe last time I made a batch, so I decided to go with the Nestle Toll House recipe on the back of the chocolate chips.

You would think it really wouldn't matter.
Chocolate chip cookies are chocolate chip cookies right?
The white stuff you see is sea salt. My family LOVES
the added sprinkle of salt as the cookies come out of
the oven to give a sweet-salty taste.

Not that there was anything wrong with the Toll House batches but it just wasn't as good as the Martha Stewart.
When looking at the two recipes side by side there isn't much difference:
  • Different amounts of baking soda
  • Different ratio of sugar (even though in the end its the same)
  • Different amount of vanilla
 Just shows that baking really is a science.
What is your favorite go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe?


  1. Tollhouse are my favorite chocolate chip cookies! I've tried Alton Brown, America Test Kitchen, NY Times, etc. but the Tollhouse still remain supreme. Gonna have to try Martha's :) Her banana bread is my favorite banana bread recipe!


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