Mother's Day Flowers

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning I woke up early, slipped outside and, despite the morning mist, planted annuals in the half barrel outside my mother's window. Now when she looks outside instead of a giant empty barrel she'll see petunias, African marigolds and dianthus.

I love getting a variety of colors when planting annuals.
I was so excited when we moved into this house and saw this barrel outback ready for planting

I usually lay them out and move things around deciding what looks best before digging.

I wish I had bought more flowers, to fill it out a bit more. But it's better than nothing.

Happy Mother's Day

This Mother's Day remember to thank every mother. Because mothering isn't just giving birth; it's kissing booboos, it's making lunches, it's mending broken hearts and bringing smiles to small ones faces. But mostly it's caring and giving your heart to a child.

So this Mothers Day don't forget the adopted and foster parents, parents who have lost their babies, single dads, aunts and uncles that stepped up when needed and everyone in between. Remember it takes a village.


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