Palmolive SoftTouch Review

I recently joined Influenster when I started trying to brand myself more and wanted more opportunities to put myself out there. It didn't take long before I was sent an email about qualifying for my first VoxBox (samples of products to tweet, FB, blog about). 

I had to laugh however when I found out my first product sample was Palmolive dish soap! Part of what VoxBoxes you qualify for is based on what surveys and tasks you do. I (naturally) have filled out ones on fashion, travel, food and drinks....not sure how or why I was signed up for dishwashing soap! Haha

To add to the funny is that I use Palmolive at home! I have a nearly full bottle sitting on my counter! It does tend to be my go-to soap - both because the price is reasonable, it doesn't take a lot to create a good sudsy bath for the dishes and it doesn't dry out my hands like so many other brands.

With the extra bottle sent we're suppose to share it with someone. I figured I'd give it to a family member (easier than trying to mail it to someone)....but I do have FIVE dollar off coupons for Palmolive! The first five people to tell me they want one I'll send it your way. These days every dollar helps with saving money.

I've already received notice that I've qualified for another VoxBox. Let's see if this next one is a bit more exciting than dish soap. Haha. At least I won't have to buy more for a while - right?

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


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