Pinspirational Post

It's Wednesday! ...wait right? It is Wednesday isn't it? Hold on. I need to look at a calendar......

Okay *phew* I was seriously worried there for a moment that I was going to be writing my Wednesday "How Pinteresting" post and have it be Tuesday.... It's been a long week can you tell? 

Anyway. Today is May 1st so happy May Day and Beltane to everyone. How is it already May is what I want to know. May means five family birthdays and honoring six mother's a week from Saturday at our family May Celebration. (Because we have so many family that need to be celebrated in May we just lump them all into one day to make life easier for all).

As with past years, I'm responsible for the "cake" (we always do potluck so no one is responsible for feeding 14+ people). Last year I made a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling (because that's what my baby sister asked for...and by baby I mean she turned 21). 

This year I'm just going solo in planning. However, my cousin did show me a "chocolate lasagna" (oreo cookie crust, chocolate pudding and CoolWhip) that she thought looked good and I think I might do an elevated version.

So, with the help of Pinterest and pins like the ones below, I'm going to make chocolate devils food cupcakes (easier to make and share) with a homemade chocolate mousse filling and a fresh whipped cream frosting with crushed oreos. I'm trying to figure out if I can make the bottom of each cupcake have a cookie crust...I may need to play with that some.

 For now here are the posts that "pinspired" me.

 Don't worry though...I will post pictures and the "how to recreate" once I'm done.

Also make sure to swing by and visit Chelsea at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles (blog) (facebook) as well as say hi to Carrie at Frugal Foodie Mama (blog) (facebook). I've sponsored both these wonderful ladies this month. I adore both their blogs (for very different reasons) and figured it was time I show my support for their amazingness. Make sure to stop by, say hi and let them know I sent you.


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