Sightings, Spa and Sushi

This past Tuesday I was able to take a momentary step out of reality and for a while be in complete relaxation with a spa day. 

My sister K and I spotted a house used in Grimm, had our brows waxed, facials and then mani-pedis before a dinner of sushi and teriyaki. We then wandered over to the dollar tree where we picked up a few things for the Passion Party I'm hosting (she's recently become a consultant) in June. 

It was nice to walk away from the chaos of 'real life' and not have to worry about anything about myself. 

Not have to worry about hurting someone's feelings by being too honest, not have to pick up pieces of crumbling hearts, not have to be strong or the rock for anyone. 

It was nice to be allowed to melt. 

We got to the area a little early and stopped in at the nearby McMenamin's for a little hummus and veggies before heading to the spa. That's when I noticed this sign "GLAMORGAN"!! I have no idea who or what it is I just loved it! As my sister said "it' you!" :)

Thank you K for having the brilliant idea of getting our brows waxed before our facial. It had been a little while since I had mine done and boy did I need it! I was excited to find out it was K's first time having her's done!!


After the brow waxing we went upstairs and had facials (not shown because I was busy relaxing)...and while I probably won't go back there for a facial (I have oily skin and my sister has dry skin yet we had identical facial treatments) it was nice to be pampered - face, neck, shoulder and hand massages felt so amazing.

Dinner was the most disappointing piece of the whole day. We thought we'd give a new place a try - one right down the street from the spa. To keep things simple the sushi rolls were flavorless and bland while the teriyaki was way over salted (even the tofu and salad dressing was salty)!

It may not have been the dream spa day all of us dream of but you know what. It did the job!


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