Super Savor Award!

No this isn't a real award. 
I gave it to myself. 

But I SOOOO deserve it for saving $63.51 when shopping for clothes. 
That's right you heard me! I saved myself (almost) 50% in the end.

I love - they have adorable vintage inspired clothes but usually they are out of my price range. So last December when they contacted me to do a review on one of their products I jumped at the chance.

Since then I have received a few coupon deals and discounts sent to my email but I just hadn't bought any (there is always something else that needs to be bought). Today however, I decided I was going to use my $30 coupon before it expired. Summer has come early to Portland so I thought I should add some dresses and skirts to my wardrobe. I deserve something pretty. 

So I hoped over to eShakti and found out they were having a sale - Buy 2 items and get the 2nd 40% off or buy 3 and the 3rd is free. Now trust me...I looked for a 3rd because who doesn't love FREE things? But I just was wishy-washy over the so-so 3rd items so I stuck with only buying two. (shucks). 

So my $79 dress went down to $59....and I had my $30 off coupon (for signing up for their email) and then (because my sister K is such a coupon queen) I thought let me see what other discount codes I could find online.....sure enough I found a code for an additional 40% off!!! 

Holy smokes folks!
And aren't the clothes damn cute too?!

Just shows that coupon "clipping" really does save.


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