Bad Day for Betty Crocker

I'm sure I can't be the only baker/cook out there who has their "Oops" moments.

I mean even Betty Crocker had to have her bad days right?
Days when her cookies burned or pie crust was soggy?

Last night I was making Peanut Butter Cup centered cupcakes for a party I'm going to this weekend. And boy did I make a blunder of my first batch!

I've done candy-centered cupcakes before and apparently this time I forgot to take into consideration the displacement of batter...and not to fill them so full. 

Because when you do they overflow and don't bake exactly you can see.....

Here's a picture to help explain my mutant desserts and what might have happened.....(??)

In the end I was only planning on taking a dozen with me Saturday, so the mutant donut/muffin babies are staying home with me. At least I figured out what I did wrong and was able to fix the other half. 

*Sigh* I just need to remember even Betty Crocker had her bad days.


  1. I love to cook, but can't bake if my life depended on it. I am always messing up like that, but those ooops cakes look pretty good if you ask me. I'd eat the outside and save the chocolate center for last!

  2. Thanks for linking up at Two Girls and a Party! This made me laugh :)

  3. I'm kinda new at baking and I've had a lot of "oops" moments, so I can totally relate. I would have just told everybody that they're donuts. I'm sure they tasted good anyway! (^_^)

    I found you on Two Girls and a Party. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your week!



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