Homeward Bound

(Part 2 of Memorial Day Weekend Recap. Read Part 1 here)

After a wonderful (but speedy) trip out to Pendleton, OR over Memorial Day weekend we wanted to take our time coming home. We didn't have a deadline (unlike making it to the Cultural Center before it closed the day before) and were able to take our time. So the evening before we packed up the car and headed home we spent the evening locating, plotting and mapping out our route home.

Umtilla County Historical Society Museum (which we didn't notice was closed on Sundays: FAIL)
As many pioneer cemeteries as possible
The Fort Dalles Museum

Okay so two of the three happened. Not too bad.

While we may have failed to look at the hours of the Umtilla County Historical Society Museum during the day (and found out Saturday evening they would be closed the next day) we did still drive around Old Town Pendleton and stopped by the museum to see the old one-room school house and antique caboose.
I was so excited as we were driving through town and came across the Working Girls Hotel! It is an original bordello that has been refurbished and is an actual hotel! I have to say, I think if I ever go back to Pendleton I'm going to try and stay there!
 The rest of the 200 miles consisted of a number of small towns and cemeteries.
Including, in Pendleton, the Olney Cemetery. It's nearly fifty acres and has the only tree canopy road in the town. They had a lovely trail of American Flags for the Memorial Day. There were also some beautiful headstones.

Once we reached The Dalles (the half way point between Pendleton and Portland) we wanted to have lunch at a saloon that had been opened since the early 1900s but it was closed for the holiday weekend. *sadface* So we ended up at the first open restaurant we found - a small taqueria where I had overcooked carne asada fries.
After lunch we headed to The Fort Dalles Museum. It was the first museum in Oregon and one of the original non-military forts (used for trade). We didn't take the official tour but did do a self-guided walk through of the fort.
Fort Dalles under our belt and we just chugged home as quick as we could.

The trip was a lot of fun but boy were we exhausted by the end.


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